June, 2019

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Pooping on Boulders

So, the city of Detroit decided to put boulders in all the city parks. Well, I’m pretty sure all of them though I’ve only noticed them in the parks I either go to or pass by on my way to somewhere else. Anyway, they put them in Eliza Howell parkRead More …


Pusher Man

Okay, I know this is selfish of me and even puts me in the questionable role of ‘pusher man’ but I want to get my dogs addicted to drugs, specifically the drug with the street name Coffee. Why, you might ask. Why would I want to do this despicable thing?Read More …


Alien Abduction

Out in the park with the boys this morning, walking on the street rather than the trail because the grass is high and mama deer park their baby deer in the high grass and I didn’t want the boys stumbling across one. Red in tooth and claw and all that.Read More …