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In, and Under, El Malpais

Ever been inside a lava tube? Yeah, me neither, leastwise until this last Saturday when I ventured out to El Malpais National Monument. El Malpais is 590 square miles of exactly what the name means in Spanish: badlands. Beautiful, mind you, but oh my is it rough, an area halfRead More …



So, I finally made it up to Chaco Canyon on Monday. Had to rent an SUV to do it (more on that later) as there is pretty much only one way in and that’s after 20 miles of bad road. Chaco sits out in the middle of nowhere – somethingRead More …


Into The Badlands

I took Monday off from the job hunt and headed out for the Badlands. I was there last fall and fell in love with the place. If you’re in to sheer desolate beauty, you won’t find a better place to spend a day. The Bisti Wilderness area is about 30Read More …


Fluting in the Ruins

A year ago I spent Thanksgiving at the Abo Ruins and Christmas day driving through the Jemez Mountains. I was a bit under the weather this Thanksgiving (an odd expression, that. What would being over the weather mean?) and didn’t get away. This year on Christmas I made it downRead More …


Los Alamos by Joseph Kanon or Things That Go Boom In The Night

Despite spending my formative years during a time when every true American was searching for pinkos in the shadows and 1 in 3 were digging up their backyards to install a fallout shelter, I never developed the prerequisite fear of “The Bomb” required of that age. In grade school, theyRead More …