Stealing The Marbles

Welcome to the page devoted to my novel Stealing The Marbles. Here you can read an excerpt, learn a little bit about the Parthenon Marbles, find links to the reunification effort for the return of the Marbles to Greece and, of course, buy the book if you so desire.

If at all possible, please support your local Indie Bookstore. If you can’t find it there or if they can’t order it for some obscure reason, you can buy the eBook and/or Tree Book at Amazon, Amazon Kindle Store and, B&N. Depending on what eBook app you use on your iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch or Ipad will determine where you can download a copy. Your best bet there is to check the iTunes store first. For other locations, check out Rebel e Publishers site.

Read chapter one of Stealing The Marbles.

Check out my book trailer HERE:

Reviews, Interviews and Guest Blog Appearances

Danny does a lot of traveling in his adventure. If you’d like to see all the places he travels to, check it out HERE.

Here is some information on the Parthenon Marbles that you might find interesting.

For information on the reunification effort to Send The Marbles Home or for other sites featuring the Parthenon, check out the sites below.

Reunification Sites

Parthenon Sites

Download a sample for an ePub reader:


One Comment to Stealing The Marbles

  1. Nafsikaa says:

    Great book, EJ! My only regret is that it’s fiction! I wish there was a real Danny out there…

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