Suspense Magazine Review

“Stealing the Marbles” by EJ Knapp:
Reviewed by Kendall Gutierrez for Suspense Magazine

“Stealing the Marbles” is an exciting trip into the world of the lovable Daniel Samsel. Daniel is a specialist in “the rearranged ownership of the ‘lost’ old masters” or better known as an art thief. Danny is bored with his inactivity and decides to steal the Parthenon Marbles, originally stolen by Lord Elgin in the 19th century.

Our brave narrator wants to return them to their rightful home in Greece. To do this he needs the help of his estranged and very angry lover Kastania. Kaz, as she is known, can outsmart any computer system that may stand in Danny’s way, but getting her to agree to help can be more dangerous than stealing the Marbles.

Reading this book was an adventure. The reader can’t help but cheer Danny on even though what he is doing is wrong. The cast of characters is wonderful. They all are quirky in their own fun ways and the interaction between them is never boring. Kaz was one of my favorite characters. Her angry scene where she is throwing whatever she can get her hands on, cursing and calling Danny some not very lady-like names while he and her father sat there listening and trying to stay out of her way, made me laugh out loud. Kaz’s explanation of a dog’s P-mail was another scene that will stay in my mind forever.

Danny and his crew plot and plan to make sure they have all their bases covered in this huge caper, but of course, things are never as easy as we want them to be. They must deal with shady underworld art dealers, Interpol and even betrayal. Through it all our characters handle things with wit and courage.

“Stealing the Marbles” is a nonstop action adventure that will have you holding your breath and guessing until you reach the finish. It is hard to put down. I hope to see Daniel Samsel in future books. “Stealing the Marbles” is a must read for anyone who likes a quick, fun, keeps-you-guessing book.


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