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How I Classify Books

I read a lot of books. Fiction; pretty much any genre, and non-fiction; most anything that catches my interest. For a list of the books I’ve read this year, go HERE. Over the years I’ve come to classify books into the following categories: UnPutDownable: These are rare. These are theRead More …


Black Swan Green

So, I picked up a copy of Black Swan Green by David Mitchell. I pulled it off the shelf because it’s up against Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen for the Quill Awards and I thought I should check out the competition for that most favored of books. I knowRead More …


Quill Awards – Vote Early and Often

That would be cheating, of course; voting often I mean. Despite America’s slide toward massive voter fraud, one should vote once for one’s chosen candidate. In the case of the Quill Awards that would, of course, be Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. And there are certain safeguards set upRead More …


Water For Elephants Redux

So, I’m taking a small break from my current novel-in-progress. A writer needs to get out of his/her dark little hole from time to time and remember that there’s a world out there. A few hours sitting on the swing turning the pages of a good book, that’s the ticketRead More …


Water For Elephants

Books are entertainment. There are some that get taught flying lessons, but overall, most manage to accomplish that goal. Some you enjoy while the book is open and then forget as you close the cover on the last page. Some may stay with you a day, a week, a month.Read More …