Dialogues : A Novel of SuspenseI had thought when I started this blog that I wouldn’t push books up here on the front page. After all, that was what the WOM page was for. But this one blew me away and, after reading the less then flattering reviews from Publisher Weekly and BookList, well, all I can say is those folks have their head up their ass.

Then again, I often think book critics have their heads up their asses. And it could be that only a writer would really love this book. Or, maybe only this writer. I have weird tastes, sometimes.

I love it when a writer breaks all the rules, or even some of them, and makes it work. Mr. Spignesi breaks every rule of dialog but one in this compelling book. There are no beats, no dialog tags and, indeed, fully 95% of the book is dialog with very little narrative throughout. And, though I firmly believe that rules are made to be broken, there are some rules in writing that should never be broken. Why? Cause they’re trite as hell. Mr. Spignesi broke one of those and, in my humble opinion, got away with it. Sorry. Can’t tell ya which rule that one is. It would spoil the book for you.

All in all, I found this to be a most engaging read and found myself thinking about it long after I closed the cover for the last time. You can go up on Amazon and read the description, and the reviews. I’d ignore the latter but that’s up to you. I say, Check it out.

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