Publishing and Plugins

So, you may be asking yourself what publishing and plugins have in common. Well, nothing really, except I have news about both. I was just kind of stuck for a title for this post and liked the idea of the double p sound.

First, the publishing part. My story The Dance has finally found a home. This is one of my favorite stories and I’ve had a devil of a time getting it published. Not, IMHO, because it’s poorly written, but due to a problem I seem to have with many of my stories, and novels, come to think of it. Namely, what the hell genre is it?

When I first started sending it out, I sent it to places that took mainstream fiction. They sent it back saying they didn’t accept romance. Romance? Well, I suppose one could see The Dance as a romance. I didn’t really think of it that way but what do I know? So, I sent it to some places that accepted romance. Guess what? They rejected it because it wasn’t a romance.

Go figure.

Anyway, I let it sit for a long spell after that as I had a lot of other things going on. Recently, I’ve been using [tag]Duotrope’ Digest[/tag]. What a great source that site is. I researched a number of publications, making a small favorites list and started sending out some of my stories. I remembered The Dance and figured, what the hell, and I found a place that might be interested, sent it their way, and heard this past Friday that they were interested. Whooopee!

So, The Dance will be published in the December issue of The Battered Suitcase. I’ll post a link when it’s online.

Ok, so what about plugins? Well, as every writer knows, writing means never having dirty dishes, which is another way of saying that writers tend to get distracted when they’re suppose to be writing. This happened to me this weekend. I started thinking how cool it would be to know what authors were born on the current day. I figured there had to be a plugin for such a thing. Hell, there are plugins for most everything you can imagine. But nope, no plugin, so I decided to write one.

I spent a day researching and compiling a list of authors and their birthdays and started formating the list. I wrote a basic program to create the database, populate it and display the current day’s birthdays in a blog sidebar. I’m about midway through with it and plan to offer it up as soon as all the testing is done. It only works with WordPress as far as I know. But then, if you ain’t using [tag]WordPress[/tag] you really ain’t blogging anyway.

It’s a simple program, easy to style, and I’ll give it away and ask for a donation if the user finds it useful. It’s over there in my sidebar. No birthdays listed yet cause I’ve only formated up to July so far. It’s a big list and I plan on adding some writers I know to it. Look for a finished product in about a week or so.

2 Comments to Publishing and Plugins

  1. Hey, congratulations on “The Battered Suitcase”!

    Now, about the plug-in. You’re going to make me wait until my birthday to see what authors were born on that day, aren’t you? Damn.

    I’m still running WordPress 2.3.something. (I know, I need to upgrade). Will your plug-in work on 2.3?

  2. EJ says:


    The plugin should work with 2.3. It’s a pretty simple program. It’s still in beta but I’m going to make it available on my site in a day or two.

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