Is It Dusty In Here Or What?

[tag]A. S. King[/tag]. I started it to day and, reluctantly, I finished it today. I feel lost, set adrift amidst a becalmed sea, devoid of pirate ships and Spanish Galleons and tropical islands hiding buried treasure. I miss Emer with her Irish temper and Saffron with a hundred dogs in her past and her future hanging in the balance.

And I miss the Dog Facts.

Though I don’t miss Fred.

And ya know, to be honest, I think she’d of been better off with David. But that, of course, would have changed the story.

They say this is a YA novel (Young Adult for those of you not in the publishing slang loop) and if so, I wish they’d had this sort of thing available when I was YA.

If you want the same-old-same-old reading crap, Cussler has a new one (the cover of which is ripped off from a really good novel, [tag]Freezing Point[/tag] by [tag]Karen Dionne[/tag]) and I’m sure Patterson has yet another cut-n-paste novel making the rounds.

But, if you want something beautifully different, a story unlike the everyday boring fare, a tale that will carry you to faraway places, The Dust of 100 Dogs should be at the very top of your book shopping list.

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  1. A.S. King says:

    Soooooo pleased that you liked it, EJ. I like to call it a crossover novel, meaning it’s really for all people, regardless of gender, race or shoe size, aged 14 and up.

    This made my day. xoxo Amy

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