Me Again

Keith Cronin has that rare ability many writers wish they had: a near perfect sense of comedic timing, especially where the one-liner is concerned. It’s hard to imagine ‘funny’ in a story about a man who has been in a coma for years, a man no one thought would ever emerge, a man who remembers nearly nothing of his former life once he does, miraculously, regain consciousness. Me Again is rife with ‘funny’ and each one brings a smile, a chuckle, a downright laugh-out-loud moment. It gives the main character a depth he otherwise might not have had which puts the reader in his corner from the opening pages onward.

Me Again has some abrupt twists and turns that can leave the reader just a bit shaken but the story recovers quickly. Mr. Cronin masterfully avoids the maudlin, the sappy, the trite, all of which could so easily have befallen a story line like Me Again.

5 stars? I would have given it 10 if I could.

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