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Gregor Pulls at the Feet of the Rising Phoenix

Imagine that I, along with several thousand others, owe you an amount of money. While we accept that we do indeed owe you money, the basis for the amount owed is disputed by us as it is predicated on false assumptions, assumptions that most everyone knowledgeable of the circumstances agreesRead More …


Tangled Up In Red

I was born and raised in Detroit and though I have left it many times, it was always due to an inherent wanderlust and a deep loathing for winter, never about the city itself. This last return to Detroit which, at my advanced age, may well be my last lastRead More …


Slipping into Winter

Took our first dip into Winter yesterday. Rain turned to snow, 40 turned to 30 and kept on turning into the 20s. Trees that had brightly colored leaves yesterday are bare today. There is still a bit of snow on the ground where the sun has yet to shine. TheRead More …


The American Dream

Okay, I don’t watch much TV, the advertisements drive me batshit for one thing. Recently, before thumbing the big, fat, turn-it-all-the-hell-off button I did see one that got me thinking, and wondering. It was an old man on a porch, my age maybe, with a young kid and the oldRead More …