Author Services


I was the book designer for Rebel ePublishers from 2012 until 2019 when Rebel closed its door. I never use conversion software to create my eBooks, preferring to build them from scratch. This eliminates a lot of overhead that conversion software like Calibre adds to the ePub or Kindle, overhead that can sometimes ‘break’ the book in certain eReaders.

I use standard 5.5×8.5 or 6×9 templates for the bookblock. I have found that 5.5×8.5 is the standard but it’s your choice. 6×9 will give you the fewest number of pages in the finished book so if your word count exceeds 120,000 words, you might want to consider that size in order to keep your printing costs down.

I work with both .doc and .docx Word files. I prefer a Word document with little or no formatting. A simple layout like this is best:

  • Left justified using Times New Roman font is best.
  • Chapter Arabic or Roman number or Arabic/Roman number by itself
  • Subheading if any
  • Start of text
  • Use *** left justified to designate scene breaks
  • Avoid using page or section breaks between chapters.

I do, from time to time, make use of graphics within the bookblock, usually in scene breaks, though start and end of page are other places I’ve used them. Keep in mind that not all bookblock graphics will translate to eBooks.

My ePubs are ePub2. If you prefer ePub3 that’s doable but keep in mind that ePub3 does not always play well with some eReaders. My Kindle files are in the .mobi format for upload to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). I can convert to .azw3 but the conversion adds a lot of overhead. I have found it’s best to upload the .mobi file to KDP and let them do the conversion.

I do NOT proofread. If, by chance, I run across a typo or other error (misnumbered chapters comes to mind as do blank lines with no asterisks indicating a scene break) I will contact you for corrections. I do NOT make corrections without approval.

Bookblock – any template 100 USD
ePub 2 or 3 50 USD for either, 75 USD for both
Kindle(mobi) 50 USD
All three together 150 USD, 165 USD if adding the ePub3
Poetry/Chapbooks/Novellas Price varies, contact me for a quote

I do covers from time to time but only if the book speaks to me. Here are some examples of covers I’ve done.

sample covers