Getting Old

It’s said that getting old ain’t for sissies. True, that. It ain’t the aches and pains, the three trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the weird medical shit that pops up, the eyesight failing, the hearing loss, the fear of falling, the giving up of foods you once loved. It’s death.… Continue reading Getting Old

Pooping on Boulders

So, the city of Detroit decided to put boulders in all the city parks. Well, I’m pretty sure all of them though I’ve only noticed them in the parks I either go to or pass by on my way to somewhere else. Anyway, they put them in Eliza Howell park where I go with the… Continue reading Pooping on Boulders

Pusher Man

Okay, I know this is selfish of me and even puts me in the questionable role of ‘pusher man’ but I want to get my dogs addicted to drugs, specifically the drug with the street name Coffee. Why, you might ask. Why would I want to do this despicable thing? Well, when I wake up… Continue reading Pusher Man

The Grand Adventure of Boomer and Jes

“Where are we?” asked Boomer “How do I know, we’ve never been here before,” replied Jes. “That’s not terribly helpful.” “Well, you’re the one who thought jumping the fence was a good idea.” “Well you followed.” “I wasn’t about to let you wander around loose. You’d get in sooo much trouble. Let’s keep going.” They… Continue reading The Grand Adventure of Boomer and Jes

The Doubtful Guest

Here comes the floodWe will say good-bye to flesh and blood.~Peter Gabriel Is death any easier to bear if the death is not that of a human? Is it easier to bear if the death was necessary? A kindness? An act of mercy? Does the decision to end the life come unimpeded? Is that last… Continue reading The Doubtful Guest