A Bite Worth Getting Bitten For

So, I’ve been struggling with this toothache. Funny how those things seem always to happen on weekends, and a long weekend to boot in this case, when if you’re unwilling to hit the ER about all you can do is suck it up and slog through it until regular business hours come rolling around again. All in all it kind of proves my point that life can be a sadistic little bitch at times.

Anyway, I’ve been sipping soup, blah, and trying to sleep, impossible, and generally watching the moments crawl by on shackled feet. I think they were humming a dirge as they passed. I tried getting some writing done at one point but that didn’t work at all. Hard to be creative when it feels like someone is driving a dull nail up through your jawbone.

Desperate to pass the time, I thought I might find something to read. I can usually tune out most anything, even pain, if the read is engaging enough. There was nothing new on my to-be-read pile and no way was I going to attempt to ride my bicycle down to the bookstore so I spent several frustrating minutes looking through my stack of already read books and came away with the perfect one.


Oh, and Heather, the blood and chocolate chip cookie thing was wonderfully over the top. To steal a line from our beloved Stella, You Rock!

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