Pro-Lifers Ain’t Pro-Life

So, the Pumpkinfuhrer has nominated someone for the Supreme Court vacancy. Not gonna get into the hypocrisy of the Republicans over their 0 to 60 rush to confirm. I mean, their hypocrisy is kinda well known and expected of that spineless bunch. And, while it’s my opinion that Amy Coney Barrett is an absolute insult… Continue reading Pro-Lifers Ain’t Pro-Life

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Happy Birthday, Richard

I’ve had only two really close male friends in my life. There was Spike, gone 10 years or more now. He was perhaps the most formative person in my life. Much of my attitude, my beliefs came from him. He came into my life at a crucial moment, a time when I didn’t know who… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Richard

Getting Old

It’s said that getting old ain’t for sissies. True, that. It ain’t the aches and pains, the three trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the weird medical shit that pops up, the eyesight failing, the hearing loss, the fear of falling, the giving up of foods you once loved. It’s death.… Continue reading Getting Old

Pooping on Boulders

So, the city of Detroit decided to put boulders in all the city parks. Well, I’m pretty sure all of them though I’ve only noticed them in the parks I either go to or pass by on my way to somewhere else. Anyway, they put them in Eliza Howell park where I go with the… Continue reading Pooping on Boulders

Pusher Man

Okay, I know this is selfish of me and even puts me in the questionable role of ‘pusher man’ but I want to get my dogs addicted to drugs, specifically the drug with the street name Coffee. Why, you might ask. Why would I want to do this despicable thing? Well, when I wake up… Continue reading Pusher Man

Alien Abduction

Out in the park with the boys this morning, walking on the street rather than the trail because the grass is high and mama deer park their baby deer in the high grass and I didn’t want the boys stumbling across one. Red in tooth and claw and all that. Anyway, I see this multi-legged… Continue reading Alien Abduction

The Grand Adventure of Boomer and Jes

“Where are we?” asked Boomer “How do I know, we’ve never been here before,” replied Jes. “That’s not terribly helpful.” “Well, you’re the one who thought jumping the fence was a good idea.” “Well you followed.” “I wasn’t about to let you wander around loose. You’d get in sooo much trouble. Let’s keep going.” They… Continue reading The Grand Adventure of Boomer and Jes

Wildlife in the D

Before they started tearing down all the abandoned and burned out houses in the neighborhood, I used to enjoy walking about at dusk and watching the bats streak about the sky, sucking up all the annoying bugs that plague us in the hellish summers of Detroit. They’re all but gone now that those houses are… Continue reading Wildlife in the D

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Repurposing Lawyer Jokes

Back in my working days I used to collect lawyer jokes. Seemed an appropriate thing to do as I spent nearly 30 years working around them and developed an intense dislike for 90+% of them. Which isn’t to say there weren’t really good ones. I met quite a few during my years at the California… Continue reading Repurposing Lawyer Jokes


The album Crown of Creation by Jefferson Airplane was released in September 1968, a month before my 20th birthday. It wasn’t near as good as Surrealistic Pillow but it had some good songs on it, Lather being one of them (and for the record, I rather liked After Bathing at Baxter’s, something of the red… Continue reading Lather

Been Awhile

So, I’ve decided to resurrect this blog. Not that I expect anyone will read it but having two novels and a book of short stories out there that hardly anyone has read, I’m kind of use to that. It’s been a weird 18 months for me, fraught with many a misstep. My writing muscles are… Continue reading Been Awhile

Sunday Brunch

Impossible things #3: waiting the 6 minutes for the coffee to steep in the French Press first thing in the morning. I don’t have a problem with a California stop. I’m also not averse to slipping slowly through a red light at midnight on a deserted street. Here in the D, though. stop and yield… Continue reading Sunday Brunch