I’ve been on a roll lately and haven’t had the time for the blog that I would like. But then, from the total lack of comments I get and noticing in my stat program that most of the hits I do get are coming from spammers, I suppose it doesn’t make much difference how frequently or infrequently I update this thing. I do love my spam killer, though. Nothing gets through.

Anyway, I finished my story The Karaoke Singer for the latest Backspace contest on the day it was due. There were a number of better stories but it still came in at the 4th or 5th position. Not bad for a story I wrote and edited in a day. As much as I enjoy entering the contests and certainly winning is a real ego boost, I have to say it’s mixed blessing. I really hate coming up with the parameters for the next contest. I’m much more comfortable writing to someone else’s parameters.

I polished the story up, made a few changes and sent it out. I also pulled a few other stories out of the bin, some that were ready to go and some that needed work, did what needed to be done and sent them out as well. I’ve got one story, Fire and Slush that I’m looking for a market for. It’s going to be tough sell as it’s really a writers story but I’ll keep trying.

In any event, the following stories are out and about: The Karaoke Singer, Final Target, The Dance and Plugging The Pooch. Wish me luck.

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