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beast Sometimes you have bad weeks. And then you have weeks that really suck big time. The last four or five years have sucked big time for me, more or less, but this last week has been a doozy. Spook went to blue on Sunday. Last night my little Manx, the Little Boy, or Beast as he was affectionately referred to, went to blue. My two oldest cats, 18+ for Spook, 16+ for LB. The last of the California Kitties.

Except for Chaplin, a new kitten much too young to be without its mother, found by the side of a twisting, isolated white limestone road a week ago, it is way too quiet around here. The Ginger Snap family has adapted well to this mild Floridian climate and spend most of their time outdoors. Only the old guys stayed indoors nearly 24/7. Spook was the yowler, LB the clinger. Now they both are gone. I miss them.

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