Official Launch Day

Well, today is the day that Stealing The Marbles leaves the nest and flies out on its own. I feel like one of my babies has left home and gone off to college or something. What a roller coaster ride of emotions this is. I can’t begin to tell you what that’s like.

All the hard work of writing it, nurturing it, the risk in sending it out to agents and publishers, the waiting waiting waiting for word, the rejections that stung but did not lay me low for long, the utter joy when it was accepted, and the fear as well. Then the whole process of editing. What a learning experience that was. Jayne Southern, you are a goddess and it was an honor and a privilege to work with you.

And seeing that cover for the first time. Seeing that the artist, Jacques Stenvert, captured the very heart of the story. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It gave me chills of joy.

Then those final weeks before the release date arrives. Promotion, marketing, all the things I’m really not very good at. I wonder how many writers actually are? We writers are a reclusive lot, preferring the worlds within our head to the one we actually live in.

Then the day arrives, the baby leaves the nest and it’s no longer yours alone. You can no longer protect it, hide it, bandage its wounds with new words and that roller coaster of emotions soars to even greater heights.

I’m a basket case. But a very happy basket case. Thank you Rebel e. Thank you Backspace. I wouldn’t be the happy basket case I am at the moment without you.

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