Humpday Dessert – 03/02/2011

I haven’t posted anything in nearly two weeks because I’ve been in the throes of giving up a 50 year habit. My brain is melting, the critters have all moved away from me on the Group W bench, the Dudes+1 have been out for so many walks they actually hide when I reach for the leashes, my house and car are cleaner than any house or car should be and I’m planning to sort through and repack everything in the storage unit. Who said OCD couldn’t be a good thing?

Anyway, as I can’t seem to begin a sentence without spacing out midway through and totally forgetting whatever it was I wanted to write, I probably couldn’t string together a coherent paragraph much less an entire post, so I’ll just pass on some news.

I received a nice email from the Friends of the Jefferson Oregon Library. Seems the building housing the library has been determined to be severely structurally deficient and must be replaced. They’ve asked for: 1) an autographed copy of one of my book(s), or 2) a cash donation – no gift is too small or too large, or 3) a favorite recipe and a narrative of my choosing for inclusion in a cookbook with the working title of Authors and Appetites. There is a project brochure and submittal form available on request. Check out the Jefferson Public Library website for contact information.

I’m sending them a signed copy of Stealing the Marbles and may pull a recipe together for inclusion in their cookbook. If you’re an author and have a spare book around, why not sign it and send it along. It’s always a good thing to help out a library.

Stealing the Marbles is up for grabs at Goodreads. There are 4 signed copies being given away (I may add more). The giveaway lasts until March 31st. I think you have to be a member to sign up for the books but Goodreads is a really great place to meet authors and learn about their books.

Stealing the Marbles got a great, and I mean GREAT, review by Teagan S. Boyd over at BookWenches. I have to say I was floored by it. It not only made my day, it made my whole year.

Over at the International Thriller Writers webzine The Big Thrill, Stealing the Marbles is one of the featured books for the month of March. And I think there’s a giveaway for signed copies there as well.

There are more good things in the wind. The folks over at Rebel have been pushing hard so I hope to have more news soon.

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  1. Cat Connor says:

    Good luck with the kicking of the habit, Skip!
    Brilliant review… and well deserved, btw. 🙂

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