Slipping into Winter

Took our first dip into Winter yesterday. Rain turned to snow, 40 turned to 30 and kept on turning into the 20s. Trees that had brightly colored leaves yesterday are bare today. There is still a bit of snow on the ground where the sun has yet to shine.

The overnight temps were a good first test of whether all the work I put into this old house this past year would be worthwhile. So far so good. The double pane windows, the heavy drapes over the front picture windows – however ugly they may be – the door at the top of the basement stairs, a mile of caulk and weather stripping, completely replacing the north wall of the rear bedroom along with all the added insulation seems to be doing its job. I set the thermostat at 60 during the night and the furnace didn’t kick in once that I know of. Not bad. Last year at this time, it ran damn near continuously. Not a good thing when you’re on a fixed income.

The cats pretty much hunkered down inside all night, all but Eudora that is. With the basement door closed, he couldn’t get to the cat-door so, at 3 bloody AM, he started howling for escape. Dora is not a quiet kitty. Extracting myself from beneath a layer of covers and a second layer of dogs, I stumbled my way to the door and let him out. Quick as a flash, Pooh and Mighty White followed. Dummies. Who in their right mind would want to go outside in this weather?

Back to bed, crawling in between the Big Guy and Little Guy on one side, EB, Diplomat Cat and Wilson on the other. Definitely a 2 dog, 3 cat night.

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