Tony Partly Cloudy

So, I’m standing at the sink washing dishes the other morning, thinking out loud, ‘what’s Tony gonna do? I mean, you know he’s gonna do it his way, right?’ And man, does he!

It is, at this point, you know you’re onto a great book and Tony Partly Cloudy is a GREAT book. There are no explosions, no terrorist attacks, no kidnapping, no car chases, no gun play (well, not much really) no body count (to speak of) and, no steamy sex scenes. This is a book that does not follow the formula. This is a book that, after reading the first page or two, you will not find yourself wondering if you somehow read this before and forgot. This is a book you will not set aside after the first page or two because you know how it’s going to end.

What Tony Partly Cloudy is, is a start-to-finish, flat out, no nonsense, enjoyable read. It starts with a laugh and the laughs never stop. Mr Rollins has that rare talent other writers, myself included, envy; comedic timing, and his is nanosecond perfect. You’re in love with Tony Bartolicotti from the opening sentence. Indeed, Mr Rollins has a knack for making you love the characters he wants you to love and loath the ones that need loathing.

There is nothing profound here, no revelations of the deep secrets of life, no edge of the seat tension, no words of divine wisdom. What there is, is several hours of absolute pleasure as each word that passes by tickles your fancy while a damn good number of them tickle you to the point where you are doubled over in genuine tear-filled laughter.

If you read nothing else the rest of this year, you have got to read Tony Partly Cloudy. It’s currently at .99 on Amazon but I gotta tell ya, were it 9.99, it would be the best damn 10 bucks you spent all year.

Bravo Author, mucho freakin’ Bravo!

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