Alien Abduction

Out in the park with the boys this morning, walking on the street rather than the trail because the grass is high and mama deer park their baby deer in the high grass and I didn’t want the boys stumbling across one. Red in tooth and claw and all that.

Anyway, I see this multi-legged bug cruising across the pavement and I’m thinking this poor dude is never gonna make to the other side what with all the cars cruising the park. So, I scoop it up and carry it over to the grass and let it go.

Which got me to thinking. Could this be what alien abduction is? I mean, the bug has got to be freaked out, right? First it’s cruising along, maybe heading for the bug bar or off to visit his girl friend, whatever, and BAM, he’s whipped through the air and deposited in another location.

So maybe some alien is cruising around, looking for a quiet place to pull over and pee and he spots a human, maybe in some alien perceived harms way sort of scenario and, him being the alien equivalent of a human humanist, he thinks this poor bug is never going to get where it’s going so he swoops down, beams the human up and deposits it in a safe place.


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