Pro-Lifers Ain’t Pro-Life

So, the Pumpkinfuhrer has nominated someone for the Supreme Court vacancy. Not gonna get into the hypocrisy of the Republicans over their 0 to 60 rush to confirm. I mean, their hypocrisy is kinda well known and expected of that spineless bunch. And, while it’s my opinion that Amy Coney Barrett is an absolute insult to the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a threat to all the progress she helped make, I’m not gonna get into that either.

I liked it a whole lot better when the pro-lifer folks referred to themselves as anti-abortion. It was honest. It was specific. Pro-life is such a general term. I mean, isn’t pretty much anyone whose breathing pro life? I’m all for being alive. Granted, I have no idea what death is like so I can’t honestly compare the two. Death will knock on my door soon enough and, if I can manage it, I’ll post a review but until then I think I’ll opt for life, thank you very much.

And, in my experience, most of the pro-lifers I’ve run into aren’t pro-life at all. The death penalty doesn’t seem very pro life to me yet many pro-lifers support it. Ditto war. Pro-Fetus would be a far better term since that seems to be all they really care about. From what I’ve seen and read, once it’s born, they wash their hands of it. Suck it up, kid, you’re alive and on your own now.

I think this is all bubbling up in me because with Barrett’s nomination the news is awash with the abortion issue and whether Roe might be overturned. Among other things.

There’s something fundamentally incongruous about the Pro-Life position. What, they think if they overturn Roe that abortions are going to magically disappear? Sorry y’all, abortions are going to continue whether you like it or not. There have always been abortions and always will be. What you’re going to have instead are women bleeding out from back-alley procedures and a whole lot of unwanted, potentially abused kids. Not that I think the pro-lifers care much about that. See the point above.

Hmmm, maybe if the pro-lifers don’t like Pro-Fetus, they could change their name to Anti-Women’s-Lives? Nah. They dumped the anti part in the first place because it’s negative. Maybe Pro-Womens-Death? Nah, again. Maybe demise, then, Pro-Womens-Demise. That has a nicer ring to it. The word death is so … harsh. Demise is like ‘passed’, kind of pleasant and detached from the reality.

Heard an interview on NPR this morning, 3 young folks being questioned about the upcoming election. 1 woman, 2 men. Both men mentioned abortion as a major sticking point for them in terms of voting for Biden. In my humble opinion, men should shut the fuck up about abortion. It ain’t their body. It ain’t their life.

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