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This is Reality Boy

It’s nearly sundown on a late winter day, the blockbuster movie you’ve been waiting months to see has finally arrived. As you’re on your way back from the mailbox, you pass your TBR book pile. Reality Boy is on top. Absently you pick it up, flip it open, read theRead More …


Interview with Sara J. Henry

Recently I reviewed Sara J. Henry’s Learning to Swim Today I have the honor and privilege of interviewing her on my site. So, without further ado, here’s Sara. Could you please give us a rundown of your debut novel, Learning To Swim. Here’s my favorite description: While standing on theRead More …


EJ and the Ironic Reading Material

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of YA despite the fact that I’m about as far from YAhood as one could possibly get and still be animated. I like YA. The stories I’ve been reading are original and fresh with some really quality writing. A. S. King’s The Dust ofRead More …


Life Amongst the Dead

It seems to me that either I’m getting older and my intolerance for wasting time is growing or else there is a lot of crap being published these days. Probably both, though more the latter than the former. Too often I pick up a book, get about five or tenRead More …


Is It Dusty In Here Or What?