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The Promo Pokey

Check the Google + Your Facebook friends Goodreads, must read You write them all a post You’re doin’ the Promo Pokey At the Library Thing That’s what it’s all about. Now you Twitter Twitter Twitter till Your keyboard smokes On to Shelfari Then you write a Red Room post You’reRead More …


Things I’ve Learned About Book Promo – Part 2

Summing up Things I’ve Learned About Book Promo – Part 1: stand-alone book site – Bad, stand-alone author site – Good, and, publishing a book means rarely having enough time to work on the next one. They say (not sure who ‘they’ are) that to make money, you’ve got toRead More …


Things I’ve Learned About Book Promo – Part 1

There are 24 hours in the day. You use up about 8 sleeping. Another hour for a shit, shower and shave and maybe 2 in the pursuit of sustenance. Kick in another hour for aimless wandering and the occasional sweep of the vacuum cleaner and, if you don’t have aRead More …


Caught Between the Promo and the Deep Blue Story

That cold I mentioned in my last, distant, post laid me low; nearly two weeks lost and another week trying to pull it back together. C’est la vie. Now that Stealing The Marbles is out there on its own, I find myself in a quandary; caught between the promo andRead More …