It’s the first day of spring, time for me to reawaken from my winter hiatus. Not that it’s exactly t-shirt and shorts weather just yet. It’s been a brutal winter. Spring is going to take awhile to fully get here. Out with the Big Guy and the Medium Guy this morning on my usual walk.… Continue reading Spring

In Like A Lion

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a place with four distinct seasons. Albuquerque came closest, I guess, with its five minutes of Spring and Fall separating its bitter, mile-high Winter and its blistering, brain-melting Summer. Back in Detroit. Think I’ve mentioned that before. Here there are four distinct seasons. Winter, overall, is… Continue reading In Like A Lion

A City of Two Tails

I’ve been back in Detroit exactly a month and a day. A few folks I know, mostly my relatives, wonder if I’m crazy. My son even asked me if I’d gone senile. Well, crazy yes, but then I’ve always been a bit crazy. Senile? Who knows. Could be. Detroit has a bad rap. From Motor… Continue reading A City of Two Tails