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Slipping into Winter

Took our first dip into Winter yesterday. Rain turned to snow, 40 turned to 30 and kept on turning into the 20s. Trees that had brightly colored leaves yesterday are bare today. There is still a bit of snow on the ground where the sun has yet to shine. TheRead More …


Walkin’ With The Dudes +1

For the Dudes, walking is a serious business. There are smells to snuffle out, critters to chase and bark furiously at, p-mail to read and comment on. Like Alaskan Huskies five times their size, they pull me down the street as if I were a sled and we were competingRead More …


Dudes + 1

A couple of folks have asked about the new puppy (which I needed like I need another hole in my head) so here’s the story. First, though, a little back story. The Dudes are these two little reddish colored Terriers/Chihuahua/Dachshund sort of whatever dogs that my friend Cindy Ford usedRead More …