Sunday Brunch – 11/21/2010

It’s been a hectic week between trying to crawl my exhausted self to the finish line of Meter Maids Eat Their Young and jumping back onto the promo wagon for Stealing The Marbles. Jayne, my editor over at Rebel, who has had to doff a PR hat to go with her Editors hat, got me… Continue reading Sunday Brunch – 11/21/2010

Sunday Brunch – 11/14/2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Sunday Brunch post, not since this blog was titled Only On Sunday. Looking back over this whole blog experience, and life in general, it’s weird how things have evolved over time. Resurrecting Sunday Brunch is, I’ll admit, a bit of a cop-out. I’m nearing the finish line on… Continue reading Sunday Brunch – 11/14/2010

Independence Day

I haven’t been writing much on this blog; busy busy busy, getting organized, working on Meter Maids Eat Their Young, getting ready for the release of Stealing the Marbles. The edits are done, just waiting for the proof readers to do their thing and for the greatest editor on the planet, Jayne Southern, to sign… Continue reading Independence Day

Short Stories

Back when finned gas-guzzlers ruled the road, there were hundreds of short story markets and I sampled as many of their wares as I could get my hands on. Well into my twenties, short stories were half of what I read and all that I wrote. Real life intruded and both the markets and my… Continue reading Short Stories

Stealing The Marbles

The end of 06 draws nigh, it’s snowing in Albuquerque, and I have finally finished the rewrite of Stealing The Marbles. I liked the story well enough the first time around. It got me an agent, however unprofessional that agent may have conducted himself during the time he pretended to represent the book. I must… Continue reading Stealing The Marbles