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Death Ain’t But A Word

I’m not sure why I picked up this book. The title is so-so, the cover is garish. Was it the San Francisco Book Review blurb on the front cover? I’m generally not inclined toward paying much attention to blurbs. Way too many blurb whores out there for me to payRead More …


What’s It All About?

Ally Carter had a post on her blog a couple of days back where she talked about The Crazies. She summed up The Crazies this way: The Crazies are a hard thing to define, but most of us have had them—the what if this book sucks, what if this bookRead More …


EJ in Wonderland

Here is something you should never do: start reading a book from the library, one which happens to have a hold list a mile long, the day before that book is due. The libraries around here are pretty tolerant; no fines, easy online renewal, but, if a book has holdsRead More …