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Short Stories

Back when finned gas-guzzlers ruled the road, there were hundreds of short story markets and I sampled as many of their wares as I could get my hands on. Well into my twenties, short stories were half of what I read and all that I wrote. Real life intruded andRead More …

The Dance

My story The Dance is now appearing in the December issue of [tag]Vagabond Press[/tag]’ [tag]The Battered Suitcase[/tag]. Be sure to check it and the other stories out. There’s some damn fine stuff there.


New meanings are being attached to beauty. GUD exposes you to these, takes you to the edge of the familiar. We bid you, the reader, to step over the line. We open new windows of thought, engage and transport you. GUD delivers intelligent, memorable, and entertaining words and pictures thatRead More …