Interview in an Athen’s Newspaper

There are a number of newspapers in Athens, Greece. Only one is printed in English. My publisher, Rebel ePublishers, and I have been trying to contact any of them, without success, since the release of Stealing the Marbles in September of last year. Early in May, from extreme left field, I received a website contact… Continue reading Interview in an Athen’s Newspaper

Humpday Dessert – 03/02/2011

I haven’t posted anything in nearly two weeks because I’ve been in the throes of giving up a 50 year habit. My brain is melting, the critters have all moved away from me on the Group W bench, the Dudes+1 have been out for so many walks they actually hide when I reach for the… Continue reading Humpday Dessert – 03/02/2011

The Parthenon – Part 1

As Gerasimos abrasively points out in the first chapter of Stealing The Marbles, construction, under the supervision of the sculptor Phidias and the architects, Iktinos and Kallikrates, began on the present day Parthenon in 447 BC and was essentially completed by 432 BC, though work on the decorations continued until at least 431 BC. A… Continue reading The Parthenon – Part 1

Sunday Brunch – 11/21/2010

It’s been a hectic week between trying to crawl my exhausted self to the finish line of Meter Maids Eat Their Young and jumping back onto the promo wagon for Stealing The Marbles. Jayne, my editor over at Rebel, who has had to doff a PR hat to go with her Editors hat, got me… Continue reading Sunday Brunch – 11/21/2010

Sunday Brunch – 11/14/2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Sunday Brunch post, not since this blog was titled Only On Sunday. Looking back over this whole blog experience, and life in general, it’s weird how things have evolved over time. Resurrecting Sunday Brunch is, I’ll admit, a bit of a cop-out. I’m nearing the finish line on… Continue reading Sunday Brunch – 11/14/2010

An Interview with Danny Samsel

I’m planning to start an Only On Sunday Author Interview series soon, along with a Hump Day Guest Blogger series. Further details will be available shortly. In the mean time, let me start the interview series out with an interview with the protagonist of my novel Stealing The Marbles, Danny Samsel. I managed to catch… Continue reading An Interview with Danny Samsel

Things I’ve Learned About Book Promo – Part 2

Summing up Things I’ve Learned About Book Promo – Part 1: stand-alone book site – Bad, stand-alone author site – Good, and, publishing a book means rarely having enough time to work on the next one. They say (not sure who ‘they’ are) that to make money, you’ve got to spend money. Provided, of course,… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About Book Promo – Part 2

Things I’ve Learned About Book Promo – Part 1

There are 24 hours in the day. You use up about 8 sleeping. Another hour for a shit, shower and shave and maybe 2 in the pursuit of sustenance. Kick in another hour for aimless wandering and the occasional sweep of the vacuum cleaner and, if you don’t have a day job, that leaves you… Continue reading Things I’ve Learned About Book Promo – Part 1

Caught Between the Promo and the Deep Blue Story

That cold I mentioned in my last, distant, post laid me low; nearly two weeks lost and another week trying to pull it back together. C’est la vie. Now that Stealing The Marbles is out there on its own, I find myself in a quandary; caught between the promo and the deep blue story. I’m… Continue reading Caught Between the Promo and the Deep Blue Story

What’s It All About?

Ally Carter had a post on her blog a couple of days back where she talked about The Crazies. She summed up The Crazies this way: The Crazies are a hard thing to define, but most of us have had them—the what if this book sucks, what if this book tanks, what if my career… Continue reading What’s It All About?