The Da Vinci Code

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Beyond The Da Vinci Code – Way Beyond

Despite my interest in the subject, I was never able to read The Da Vinci Code. The writing was so atrocious, the pace so obtuse, the characters so two-dimensional that the poor paperback took flying lessons across the room one too many times and the binding finally broke, scattering theRead More …

I Don’t Do Book Reviews

I don’t do book reviews. I might tout a book I really like, as I have from time to time in this blog. I’ll talk to the buyers at Indie bookstores, suggest books to my local library and talk my friends into at least considering the purchase of books IRead More …

How I Classify Books

I read a lot of books. Fiction; pretty much any genre, and non-fiction; most anything that catches my interest. For a list of the books I’ve read this year, go